I can afford to buy it but
can I afford to own it?

Could I achieve peace of mind for my business?

Can I reduce the impact
of unplanned disruptions?

ASSM have made the complicated process of implementing business continuity very simple
for everyone to

how ASSM works

Life Cycle Costs

ASSM will:

  • Perform a full and accurate audit to show exactly what assets you have and their lifetime value.
  • Develop an embedded, sustainable system through which you can manage assets profitably and budgets efficiently.
  • Carry out a Cost Benefits Analysis of all associated asset life cycle costs.

Following our initial audit and analysis, ASSM can continue to support you with ongoing work, or we can train your own staff in these areas.

Find out more about managing asset life cycle costs.

Business Resilience

ASSM will:

  • Document all business functions and processes, including dependencies.
  • Provide detailed documentation and ready-to-use templates.
  • Facilitate complete and thorough testing of plans.
  • Provide you with an embedded sustainable management system for business resilience.

ASSM can manage and assist with information gathering, documenting data and carry out supply chain audits. Alternatively, we can train/coach your own staff to carry out the process in-house, with project support if required.

Find out more about business resilience.