I can afford to buy it but
can I afford to own it?

Could I achieve peace of mind for my business?

Can I reduce the impact
of unplanned disruptions?

We reduced our maintenance costs by 40%, following a review of business requirements, and implementing a new support model for laboratory equipment.

facility relocation and occupation planning

When a business relocation or facility occupation is required, a full understanding of business delivery requirements must underpin the planning process.

During the planning process, all business operation groups must be fully represented, not just facility teams. All business delivery requirements must be fully detailed in facility design plans.

The expectation of business groups occupying new or refurbished facilities is that all business processes can be fulfilled from day one. This requires all connectivity and services to be available, and all quality, health, safety and environment requirements to be in place.

Business risk must also be built in to the whole process, in alignment with overall business risk assessment. The recommended standard for business risk assessment is ISO 31000.

Simple checks for facility occupation and planning
  • Design of templates to collect all information.
  • Review of business process flow maps.
  • Detailed quality, health, safety and environment requirements and legislation to be achieved, including validation requirements.
  • Detailed business environment requirements to be satisfied.
  • Full list of all personnel to be accommodated including planned additions.
  • Asset list of all physical assets to be installed.
  • Service requirements for all workstations and assets to be installed:
    • Utilities required including power loading.
    • Data connectivity required.
    • Space requirements.
    • Environmental requirements.
    • Others to be listed according to developed templates.
  • Space requirements clearly identified.
  • Review procurement list for new asset purchases to identify whole life costs.
  • Identify support and maintenance requirements for the facility and all assets to be installed.


  • Decommissioning, re-commissioning and installation of equipment and all assets is an extremely important part of any relocation or new facility occupation, and therefore must be planned fully.
  • Providing all requirements in the checklist and business requirements have been fully met, costs, business downtime and disruption will all be minimised.